Stefan Popdimitrov

Stefan Popdimitrov is a Bulgarian painter from Plovdiv, the town where Moni Ovada was born.

He has now lived and worked in Venice for several years.


Portrayed best by Professor Saverio Simi de Burgos, professor of history of contemporary art and history and methodology of art criticism at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, who says of him: Stefan Popdimitrov for his explicit cultural and esoteric interest, is an artist who can be defined as being traditional and original at the same time, experimenting the most canonical art with a spirit still in the Renaissance.


In the first place it refers to certain subjects recurrent in the history of art, at least until a certain period: it deals in general with historic subjects mostly sacred and religious, however also tied to a symbology to be read in an anthropological key, often shared by various creeds. In other cases, he goes back to classical portraits made for his patrons and customers.


Regarding the technique used we can find oil paintings on canvas or board, typical of many of his works, which are flanked by a rich production of signic work, observable in the engravings a result of meticulous expertise and for the major part created with the aquatint technique.


Beside the paintings small sculptures made by Popdimitrov are also interesting, the artistic foundry Fraccaro Di Vicenza helps to realise them masterly.


From May 19 at 18:30 at the Fornace artistic glass Murano, Venice, ex Chiesa Di Santa Chiara, a personal show by Stefan Popdimitrov will be inaugurated, titled Arancia Bordeaux (Orange Bordeaux) which opens in contemporary with the Festival of Glass Arts Connection 2017 of Murano directed by Lisette Caputo.

Stefan Popdimitrov

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