FICO Eataly World


The excellence of the food and wines of the Italian cuisine arrives at Bologna.

The excellence of the food and wines of the Italian cuisine arrives at Bologna and has a name, FICO and a surname, Eataly World and it lives at CAAB in Bologna.

It is a Fabbrica Italiana Contadina, a place of production of value, even before the produce. Italian from the seed to the complete expression. Finally contadino, understood as a practical, totally connected to the earth. The poetry starts here, in the uniqueness of our territory and our climate, and in the expert hands of who knows how to cure, process and cook the produce of Mother Nature, better than anyone in the world.

On a total area of 100,000 square meters, FICO Eataly World wants to become the reference venue for the distribution and the knowledge of agribusiness, the meeting place for all food lovers who wish to know the secrets and traditions, those searching for information and unique experiences. 
The masters of processing. The best Italian firms active in 40 workshops.

The processing of local raw materials and the birth of food and wine produce of excellence by the best Artisan Masters of our country. Before your very eyes. The cultural heritage of the traditional artisan workshops relives in the 10.000 square meters that Fabbrica Italiana Contadina devotes to it, together with an organic market. An area where you can taste and buy the products realised in the Fabbriche Contadine, and share the stories told by the producers.

Then to the catering, from the field to the fork. Good food in over 40 eateries between theme based restaurants and street food stalls. A place where you can taste the main recipes of Italian cuisine between tradition and innovation.

Knowledge, learning a craft, having fun, 10 teaching classrooms dedicated to the discovery of the food chains. Educational courses and experimental tours aimed at the interests of tourists, groups, families and children.

Finally a modular convention centre which can hold between 50 to 1000 people, immersed in an unique context together with the best Italian firms. A space for corporate events such as conferences, meetings, team building programmes and multi- purpose spaces to host food- themed meetings.

FICO arises in the area of the actual CAAB (Centro Agroalimentare di Bologna), in a structural reorganisation plan that optimises the space destined for the fruit and vegetable market.

"It will be a place where children and young people from all over the world can understand the immense heritage of Italian biodiversity -affirms Oscar Farinetti founder of Eataly - a proper agribusiness school that intends to increase the culture connected to food and to give birth to the pride of the new generations, a place of contrasts but also of collaboration between small and big Italian firms of excellence."

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