Chalet La Cometa

The restaurant on the ski slopes of Courmayeur 


In Plan Checrouit is located the Chalet La Cometa, a restaurant on the ski slopes of Courmayeur at 1900 mt.

This little hut accessible from non-skiers and restored in 2007’,retains the characteristics of 1900’s stone buildings period, from which it dates back.


Its cuisine offers simplie and genuine mountain’s recipes melt with local traditions. … valpellinentze soup, the “sorsa “(a king of soup with black bread, pears and apples) ,tanning polenta are examples of original dishes offered to his clients from 1930’s by Ms Regina the Grandma of the chalet's owner and Manager. 


Chalet La Cometa awaits mountain lovers for lunch, either with restaurant dishes or with a great bar service, or for dinner, enjoying free snowmobiling services, relaxed by a magical setting and pampered by the starry night.

Chalet La Cometa

Plan Checrouit, 11 - 11013 Courmayeur (AO) - IT

Tel: +39 342.0467110

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