Aere Milena

Milena Aere was born in Verona in 1953. She has taught Philosophy and has undertaken researches on the meaning of life, ranging from the composition to the image.


The artist develops the theme of Nature taking the cue from Shiite philosophy and art.

The subjects represented are flowers, leaves and berries.


Milena Aere’s artistic production is set out by different techniques and materials. In her lasts paintings, for example, she uses acrylic on wood, pressed wood and canvas due to realize artworks that convey a sensation of depth.


In Urobùro, instead, the circular structure of the composition closed by an innocent and weak deer predominates over the depth. This artwork is an attempt to explain Milena Aere’s dramatic vision of life. The prevalent atmosphere of the painting is deadened by the preponderance of the color red, which allows us to foresee hope.

Aere Milena

Via Porto S. Pancrazio, 20 - 37133 Verona (VR) - IT

Tel: +39 349.6742185

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