Valeria Ballestrazzi, name of art Balleva, is in the artistic scene as a landscapes’ painter since several years.

Her production is alternated between the Impressionism and the “suspensionist” Informal.


She has received prizes and yearned recognitions. The artist has taken part in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad, some of which were patronized by embassies.


Valeria Ballestrazzi’s artworks were studied by well-known art critics, such as Vittorio Sgarbi, Paolo Levi and Josè Van Roy Dalì.


Vittorio Sgarbi has observed that the color emancipates itself “from the tyranny of the drawing to establish itself as an entity of the dimension, taking structural meaning on”.

Paolo Levi has analyzed the mark of the subjects that is stretched on the canvas and built “with an accurate equilibrium between the lightness of the profiles and the boundless projection of the perspective” and are enlivened by the confrontation between color hues and tonal counterpoints.

For Josè Van Roy Dalì the impact of the scene is “a strong example of composure and balance” and is the result of an accurate study that come to “a poetry of image at the same time delicate and forceful” able to produce astonishment in the observer.


Valeria Ballestrazzi’s artworks are published in many art volumes, some of which has been acquired by the library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Strada 67, Loc. Poggio dei Pini, 8 - 09012 Capoterra (CA) - IT

Tel: +39 368.3646104

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