Bisio Pietro

Pietro Bisio was born in Casei Gerola (Pv) in 1932.

After obtained a diploma at the artistic high school, he studied at Accademia di Brera.

Among his schoolfriends there were Romagnoni, Banchieri, Valsecchi, Perolini da Crema, Dragoni, Reggiani, Lisimberti and Scapaticci.

Pietro Bisio hooks up with personalities like V. G. Bono, Galli, Valieri, Guerreschi, Ferroni, Gasparini, Mainoli, Nobile, Pagano, Elisa Biacca, the journalist Montagna, the critics De Grada and Vittorio Sgarbi.


Between 1954 and 1958, Pietro Bisio and other artists began a series of “umori” called Realismo Critico Esistenziale.

His artworks are in several collections, among which those of Girani and the knight Musso, in addition to Spazio Viola.


“The disenchanted and disillusioned gaze of Pietro Bisio scores a direct hit also in this performance, that originates from the assembling of various elements. An old photo, consumed by the time, is the melanchonic prelude of the rural brutalization made by the cement. Two skeletons, barren and sullen, guard Piero Manzoni and an anthropomorphic composition dialogues with common objects, real and photographed.” (Artitalia Edizioni)

Bisio Pietro

Via Cesare Battisti, 36-38 - 27050 Casei Gerola (PV) - IT

Tel: +39 0383.61862 Mob: +39 336.1891401

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