Cammarota Michele

Michele Cammarota was born in Vaglio Basilicata (Pz) in 1953. He lives and works in Piossasco (To).


He comes from the Verism. In lasts years he approached the metaphysic painting called “metastilica”, of which the artist is the founder.

He builds the elements that hold on the shape through the “epistilion”, a Greek architectonic rule. In this way, he shows a “ability in the genetic renewal” that results in a research of the expressive perfection.

The artist develops the theme of the impersonal and idealized woman deprived of her corporeal weight and her realistic distinction through the store and the particular uptake of hues.

In fact, the refined graphic sinuosity and the throbbing pink hues which characterize the subjects allow the artist to exalt the femininity and the nature of eternal beauty, reviving the vital impulse of the characters that are caught in existential “circumstances” at the same time.

The dark background gives to the main characters of the scene a divine aura. These characteristic elements of Michele Cammarota painting stimulate the viewer strong feelings and emotions.

Cammarota Michele

Via Villarbasse, 14 - 10045 Piossasco (TO) - IT

Tel: +39 011.9067148 - Mob: +39 338.2813057

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