Casadei Margherita

Margherita Casadei was born in 1982. She currently lives and works in the cervese countryside in Emilia Romagna.

She has attended the University of Bologna, where she majored in Philosophycal Science.

During her artistic activity she earned several prizes. Since her adolescence, she takes care of painting driven by a creative urgency.


Her investigation is focused on the problems of the man and its communicative strength. The main characters of her artworks have usually female features, because the artist is close to the sensitivity and way of being of the woman.

Through her paintings, Margherita Casadei wants to distance the viewer from the straitened circumstances and cure his soul.

Casadei Margherita

Via Crociarone, 91- a - 48015 Pisignano di Cervia (RA) - IT

Tel: +39 333.9557295

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