Cecchet Rosanna

Rosanna Cecchet was born in Cisterna di Latina (Lt).

Since her childhood, she devoted herself to the artistic career with a self-confidence originated in the will to not give up that permits her to find her space without triumphalism.


She has partaken in several solo and group exhibitions in Italian and foreign cities, such as Montecarlo, Nice, Cannes, Paris, Brussels, Malta, New York and Washington, where she enjoyed widespread appreciation.


Many critics have written about her artworks in annual publications, art periodical and magazines.


"Enter into the artwork of a complete artist like Rosanna Cecchet is the sudden occasion of an unexpected recovery of the surprise that allows us a new world of images. In her painting the metaphysic and the surreal, merging in a single river, find an almost perfect equilibrium, a sense of the dialectic that is in the Being and is barely explored, getting an hidden music generally inaudible emerge. The specific element of Rosanna Cecchet’s art is the feeling of fatality, enigma, mysterious, marvelous and magic hidden in every object. The German Romantics had found the word that expresses this feeling: Stimmung. It is quite untranslatable and states, indeed, the environment and the atmosphere pierced and enlightened by the enigma."Stefano Santuari

Cecchet Rosanna

Via Caboto, 12 - 32032 Feltre (BL) - IT

Tel: +39 328.0332745



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