Coppola Nino

Santo Antonino Coppola, name of art Nino Coppola, was born in Gallico (Rc) in 1960.

He studied Oriental Doctrines, Architecture, Archeology, History and Cultural Heritage and Architectonic Restoration.

He has taken part in several paintings’ exhibitions and in numerous poetry competitions in Italy and abroad. He is currently writing a novel entitled "Il segno di Dio".


The painting of Santo Antonino Coppola is philosophy transformed in structures and colors that dance freely on the canvas. Between reality and unconscious visions, the artist catches the deep essence of the chromatic matter, which becomes music and poetry.

The symbol is reduced to synthesis of art-science-history.”Vittorio Sgarbi


The painting of Santo Antonino Coppola expresses the authentic self of the artist involved in the philosophic research through the language, which sometimes is disturbing, of structures and colors.

In the figurative theme, it can be seen something lost that tries to survive in an unlivable space.

The message, which is distant from trends or inclinations, throws us in a lyric far-reaching cosmic vision.

The colors of the thought that structure the compositions hover on the paintings and are covered by a feeling of mystery. The enigma of the artworks arrives at the total abandonment to the act of faith.”Federico Zeri

Coppola Nino

Via Anita Garibaldi, 349 - 89010 Reggio Calabria (RC) - IT

Tel: +39 340.2790120


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