Agatina Cosentino, stage name Cosaga, was born in Catania.

She lives and works as teacher and graphic designer in Livorno.

As painter, she pays a particular attention to landscapes, which are made with oil, pastel, china and charcoal pencil.

She exhibits in Italy and abroad.


Agatina Cosentino is a reserved person and the painting is her religio.

In fact, her artworks are a sort of tracks raised from the heart that “sing loud” without “make noise”.


In her artworks, Cosaga gets the psychology of the characters, which are common persons portrayed in their daily life and characterized by a sense of “industrious humanity” that makes every “state” represented a "coup de théâtre".


Besides, the artist realizes sacred paintings on Ecclesiastic Commission, which are earmarked for devotion. These artworks are in the Cathedral of Livorno and in the Vatican Museum.

The subjects portrayed have a moving sweetness and smoothness which enchant and captivate the attention of the viewer.

For example, the Virgins Mary have angelic lineaments and are enveloped in a spiritual aura of mystic ecstasy that seems fascinate them and take them away from the Earth.


Via Nello Danesi, 2 - 57128 Livorno (LI) - IT

Tel: +39 0586.503532

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