D’Onofrio Flaviana

Flaviana D’Onofrio was born in Casalbore (Av).

Neo-figurative painter, she earned an artistic degree. She held several solo exhibitions in Benevento, Mirabella Eclano (Av), Bonito (Av) and Casalbore.

She has participated in many Festivals, where she won prizes and awards, including: the Special Jury Prize in the 1980 and 1984 editions of the Casalbore Exhibition; in 1991, cups from Emilia Romagna Region, City of Rome Academy and from Academy G. Marconi.

She has received the gold medal and mention of honour from the Academy of Modena; in 1994, membership of the Greco Marino / Del Verbano Academy; in 1995, membership of the Academy of the Bronze.

Here artworks were published in Collezione Arte 2016 and in the magazine Orizzonte Italia (March 2017).

Among the many critics who wrote about her artistic production: V. Ursini, A. Jannace, C. Cassese, A. Rossi, S. Perdicaro. Her works can be found in public institutions, galleries and private collections in Italy, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Germany.


"Every artwork conveys a melancholia that links itself to its roots representing, in this way, characteristic glimpses, seaside landscapes and faces experienced in the intimacy of her imaginary Self. The desire of live again the emotions is explicated in hues that are always precise and well balanced which, set together, create that experienced lights that are constantly refined and conveyed by a dreamlike poetry that frames everything. The substance is hefty and spread, as if it represents the emotional moods experienced by the artist, in a stylistic personalization able to recognize her style in every brush strokes of colors."Francesco Palmese



D’Onofrio Flaviana

Via Della Bandita, 4 int.1 - 00060 Formello (RM) - IT

Tel: +39 339.1652762


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