De Arcangelis Simona

Simona De Arcangelis is the pupil of Mario Salvo since 2013. The teacher has introduced her to the technique of the stratigraphic trowel and, at the same time, to the language of the colors.

In fact, thanks to the master, Simona De Arcangelis expresses in her artworks her deepest feelings.


Il lirismo incontaminato di Simona De Arcangelis:

"In 2016, her definitive artistic take off is appointed in artworks like Natura viva, Sogno infranto and Uomo sotto la pioggia. These are masterpieces characterized by original intuitions in which the artist experiments with spectacular combinations of colors and veils, that confirm her expectations as expert in the use of the stratigraphic trowel. We will hear about her artistic inspiration and her pure lyricism very soon. Word of an expert." - Mario Salvo


Social FB: @simonadearcangelis

De Arcangelis Simona

Via delle Acacie, 116/d - 00171 Roma (RM) - IT

Tel: +39 347.9797067

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