De Leo Mario

Mario De Leo lives in Monza (Mb) and works in Lissone at Studio PERLARTE.

In the Seventies he alternated the activity of painter with that of musician.

In his artworks, De Leo unites the drawing, the sculpture and the painting.

In 1992, he has exhibited his research on the shape of the cone at the Istituto cubano Luis Casa Romero, Florida.

The following year he has partaken in the art fair Decouvertes in Paris and in Fiera Internazionale of Turin.

In 1994, he was invited at the touring exhibition De Hominis Dignitate curated by Galleria D’Ars of Milan.

In 1998, he has realized for the company Etipack of Cinisello Balsamo (Mi) the sculpture Futuribile.

Among the latest exhibitions could be recalled Atti Iconografici at Galleria Biolchini Arte Contemporanea in 2005.

In 2011 he has took part in the 54° Biennale di Venezia - Padiglione Italia.


Some of the artist’s works are permanently exhibited at several national and international Museums, among which Pinacoteca civica of Ruffano (Le), Castello of Sartirana (acquired upon the recommendation of the master Arnaldo Pomodoro) and Guang Dong Museum of Art of Canton, Cina.

In 2013, the Contemporary Art Gallery of Moscow has bought three artworks of the master.

De Leo Mario

Studio PERLARTE Via Mosé Bianchi, 2/c - 20035 Lissone (MB) - IT

Tel: +39 338.6928474

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