Del Fungo Guido

Guido Del Fungo works in Florence.

He displayed his artworks in Italy and in several foreign countries, such as China, America, Morocco, Macedonia and Germany, raising the interest of the audience.

He was supervisor of the space Riva Sinistra.

He is currently chairman of Associazione Culturale Men’Arte, which he established for promoting art in its different technical aspects.


Guido Del Fungo carries out a continuous analysis of the artwork that brings him to understand the relevance of the detail, meant as a constitutive element of the artist’s personality.

Analyzing means “going into the uphill”, into a territory that the contemporary investigations have rarely explored. We can talk about “uphill detail” when we focus on the detailed study of what is in front of us.

In fact, the artist conceives the “uphill” as a curious addition to something that is already known.


Through his artworks, the artist wants to lead the attention of the viewer to the details, which are at the same time focal points and cuttings of a reality that does not exist.

In fact, observing these blunt and transparent elements means leaving an ordinary reality in order to get its essence.

Del Fungo Guido

Via de Bentaccordi, 6 - 50122 Firenze (FI) - IT

Tel: +39 339.7234810

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