Di Maria Maria Grazia

Maria Grazia Di Maria was born in Palermo in 1955.

Here, she attended Liceo Artistico and the architecture department. The artist has started painting when she was young and she currently dedicates herself to this activity.


"The artist carries out her artistic journey with essential elements, with a creative brilliance that is particularly elegant and with flairs applied either at the fantasy and the imagination rather than the propagation of the color and of the hues’ sharpnesses, dropping consciously out (thanks to her studies) the extensiveness of the scholastic drills, the pedantic and superficial gnosis typical of the art history and the technical virtuosity of the academy. (...) Maria Grazia Di Maria directs her research to an image able to define subjects, objects, landscapes or events which are, surely, gathered in the contemporaneity, although they are raised to symbol, allegory, emblem. In fact, her paintings are mirrors of our uncertain, ephemeral and temporary time and reflect the thin plots of apprehension, the tangles of either restlessness and dissatisfaction and the fleeting and apparent mythologies. The vivid elegance of the linear structure, the flame of the execution, the flexibility of rhythms, the resonant flow of the shapes, the righteousness of hues, the controlled dosage of contrasts, the strength of chromatic layers and the classical and modern flavor of the effects prevail on our sensitivity with a surprising effectiveness. Maria Grazia Di Maria is neither a “prophecies” squander and a handler of the palette. She is a real painter and, for this reason, her influence in the artistic environment is indisputable."Albano Rossi

Di Maria Maria Grazia

Via Porrazzi, 26 - 90129 Palermo (PA) - IT

Tel: +39 329.7360797


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