Di Miceli Domenico

Domenico Di Miceli was born in Palma di Montechiaro (Ag) in 1966.

He earned the diploma of master and in art education at the Istituto Statale Fidia.

He graduated at the Accademia di Belle Arti Michelangelo in Agrigento.

The artist has taken part in several exhibitions and contests in the country.


After an initial time in which he was close to the representational art, Domenico Di Miceli arrived at a surrealistic and almost abstract painting strongly oneiric and symbolic.

The characteristic aspects of his artworks are warm and vibrant color and the presence of a concrete source of light.

Both these elements revoke the Mediterranean atmosphere.


Domenico Di Miceli is deeply rooted in the native culture and transfers on canvas and on panel with oil colors either earth’s and sea’s landscapes and the faces of the people who live in his Island.

The artist combines the almost photographic reproduction of the subject with his subjective vision in the portraits.

Besides, Domenico Di Miceli dedicates himself to the representation of imaginary scenes, whose joyful or melancholic settings are inhabited by real characters catched in moment of reflection and introspection.

Di Miceli Domenico

Via Marino Stenico, 26 - 38121 Trento (TN) - IT

Tel: +39 328.9626077 / +39 0922.965018


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