Florio Dolores Anna

Pupa Florio was born in San Zeno (Bs).

She lives and works in Busseto (Pr). She had an artistic education in Rome.

She has managed Museo Civico of Busseto for several years.

Since 1963, the artist takes part in exhibitions in Italy and abroad receiving great approval from the critics and the audience.


In her artworks, Pupa Florio develops a luminous painting in which the different hues of the white color empower the chromatic strength of the whole canvas.

The artist elaborates the theme of the meeting between people, such as between two lovers or men who belong to different ethnic groups.

The characters are caught in a daily moment of their provincial life. The drafted faces communicate either strong emotions and feelings not only of resignation and sadness but also of hope and joy to the viewer.


Pupa Florio appeared on Rai.Tv and on newspapers.  She is also in specialized magazines, art catalogues and anthologies. Important journalists and art critics like Dino Buzzati and Mario Lepore have written about her artworks.


"... In the landscape, the artist loves the light, the space that, often, is kind of crossed by shivers of lightning colors.
The landscapes that have signs of destruction are animated by a restless depth and are mixed up with the tumultuous wide skies parted by a light of hope always glimpsed and fleeing that is in all his artworks."Mario Lepore

Florio Dolores Anna

Via Monteverdi, 22 - 43011 Busseto (PC) - IT

Tel: +39 333.3022170

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