Fratantonio Giuseppe

Giuseppe Fratantonio, assumed name GiEffe, was born in Modica (Rg) in 1954.

He has graduated in Architecture and works in the fields of restoration and public building.

Since 1984, he teaches Art.

Despite the working commitments, he dedicates systematically himself to painting.

He has partaken in exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Personalities like Silvia Arfelli, Diego Guadagnino, Andrea Guastella and Maria Teresa Prestigiacomo have written about Luca Fratantonio’s artworks.


"Giuseppe Fratantonio objectifies the sharp spatial hues, which are nearly an air vision with intense earthy shades, in a sort of story dripping with silence, geometrical elements derived from the metaphysics and lowered horizon which yield space to the overarching skies."Silvia Arfelli


"The things that immediately move in Giuseppe Fratantonio’s painting are the low conformist and experimental aspect, that diffuse light which suspends the objects - a marine landscape, a valley, a city – in a dream or in a mirage; an adventure of the eyes, especially of the heart, which permits an always new discovery to the viewer..." -  Andrea Guastella

Fratantonio Giuseppe

Via la Valletta, 4 - 97016 Pozzallo (RG) - IT

Tel: +39 338.5414540

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