Grumini Giorgio

Giorgio Grumini was born in San Felice Extra (Vr). He studied with the master Augusto Durelli and at Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice.

Since the Eighties, Giorgio Grumini directs Scuola Permanente di Pittura dal Vero in Montorio Veronese (Vr).

He has partaken in various solo shows in Italian cities like Verona and in remarkable exhibitions in Italy and abroad, where he obtained important prizes.


The artist develops an unique pictorial research using the juta.

His artworks are in public and private collections in Italy, Holland, Germany, Venezuela, Canada and United States.


"In his artworks, Giorgio Grumini touches on fascinating and engaging themes either when he turns to natural world, eulogizing its beauties, and when he dwells on Verona, that he loves. He has dedicated to this city several artworks which not only celebrate its history and monuments but also investigate the secret soul taking note of the slow change of the social life, the dispel of traditions and the sunset of an era... 'Verona la perde el so color' is the title of a series he started few years ago in which he takes inspiration from this theme between nostalgia and memory. With his imagination, the artist restores the previous vital ardor to the dear citizen to that Piazza Erbe, the center of the city’s life since ancient times. Giorgio Grumini revives characters, crafts and popular traditions with the lights and the colors of his clear impressionistic style, imprinting heart rending emotions in his artworks."Salvatore Perdicaro

Grumini Giorgio

Via A. Guglielmi, 3 - 37132 Verona (VR) - IT

Tel: +39 045.972427 - Mob: +39 338.4761284

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