Lucernini Luigi

Driven by a strong sensitivity, Luigi Lucernini starts to show a robust talent for the contemporary art since he was young.

He dedicates himself to painting, experimenting always different techniques and materials.


In his production, he develops themes connected to the condition of the original chaos, before it comes at a state of established order.

The manners and the languages are, intentionally, “metamorfali”, rather than figurative.

This complies with the need to convey the understanding of a reality continuously changing.

In his creation, the artist ranges from the substance to the graphic, through which he is able to realize geometric, or geometrical, shapes that can eternalize a single instant of the complex dynamic plot to which they are continuously subordinated.

The subject preferred by the artist are “metamorfali dynamism” realized on canvas.


Several personalities, among who we could mention Vittorio Sgarbi and Giulia Sillato, have written about Luigi Lucernini.


"Luigi Lucernini dreams imaginary and chaotic worlds ruled by a disoriented inner beauty. His research is hiding behind the polyhedric subjects, theme, languages and styles, that seem change suddenly from one series to another and be oriented to an impossible research of inner harmony that looks in the luxuriant and fantastic variety of colors and luminescences of which the Universe of this prolific artist is really rich. In fact, the fluid, shimmering, luminescences, the incessant plays of the color which run after each others on the surface of the painting seem to would suggest an “other” world that is at the same time real and a deep utopia, of which the artist looks with the security and the happiness of a child blinded and enthralled that discover the land and the sky for the first time." - Vittorio Sgarbi

Lucernini Luigi

Via Quintino Basso, 1a - 24123 Bergamo (BG) - IT

Tel: +39 392.6519603

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