Mascioli Silvana

Since 1975, Silvana Mascioli takes part in several exhibitions and artistic events in Italy and abroad like Biennale d’Arte Internazionale di Venezia, Expo Milano 2015 and Rio Art 2016.

The artist is inspired by Optical Art. It can be seen in the modular grilles juxtaposed with figurative elements and intense hues which create an illusionistic movement.


The structure of the signs and the dynamic of the colors sound out the subtended enigmatic component in order to establish an iper-convergent connection, at the same time emotional and relational, with the viewer.


The images are composed of energetic memory, reflective movement and passionate and meticulous expertise.


For this reason, they either offer themselves in their fullness and create the illusion of going out of the canvas that gives a particular effect of visual awesomeness that reflects the interior movement of the artist during the creation of the artwork.



Mascioli Silvana

Piazza Minghetti, c.p. 293 - 40124 Bologna (BO) - IT

Tel: +39 349.5557499

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