Sabiucciu Leonardi Lina

Carolina Leonardi Sabiucciu was born in Bolzano in 1923. When she was young she partook in artistic events. With the passing of time, she rediscovered the passion for painting.

The artist has exhibited her artworks in numerous solo and collective shows and has taken part in several expositions in Italian and foreign cities, among which Milan, Turin, Stresa and New York, obtaining a great success of the audience. She has earned several prizes.


The artist fixes on the canvas the sensations raised by memories of the travels made or oral compositions using strong and intense colors.

Carolina Leonardi Sabiucciu expresses poetically feelings and emotion, which become existential metaphors of joy and melancholy, through her artworks.

In fact, the landscapes and the urban partial views represented reveal the subtended surreal charm.


Important art critics have written about her. Her artworks are in private collections in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.


"Lina Sabiucciu Leonardi expresses a sort of quietness, a dreamlike tranquillity through her canvases. Her artworks have an appeal that wraps the painter, taking her by the arm in this visionary world, charming her and enveloping her in the velvety and free of frill polychromy..."Teresa Banzi

Sabiucciu Leonardi Lina

Via Mendola, 54, 1 - 39100 Bolzano (BZ) - IT

Tel: +39 0471.285936

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