Capri Chic

Caspri Chic fashion Tailor's made in Capri


Capri Chic owned by Rossella Ruggiero is a young and innovative brand that from 2014 is possible to find in the shopping Streets of Capri.


With Capri Chic Rossella has made her dream come true: seeing women from all over the world wear the accessories and dresses created by herself, creating a clothing line and bright coloured accessories with fantasies and patterns impossible to find anywhere else entirely Made in Italy from the textiles to the jewellery: from baggy silk dresses to fine and perfect Capri style gowns to colourful caftans, foulards and hair bands.


Today she harnesses the mature experience of her mother and applies it to the creation of her own  to create bespoke dresses in her tailoring laboratory just a few steps away from the boutique located on via Roma 34. The close approximation of the sites allows her to deliver a fast and efficient service to her clientele.


Capri Chic

Via Roma, 34 - 80073 Capri (NA) - IT

Tel: +39 081.8376366

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