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Gian Antonio Pisterzi has a passion and a vocation for the world of barbery.
He began as an eight year old  child, and went on to specialise in Rome and London, ending with a year on a cruise ship sailing around the world.
After visiting 36 countries, he returned to Milan, to work at Dolce and Gabbana barbers shop, master barber worldwide for Acqua Di Parma, taking part in events in London, Paris, Zurich, Kiev, Toronto and New York.
This vast experience resulted in the opening of his salon in Via Montenapoleone 17 Milan.
This is a new concept of barbering, that unites the traditional gestures with the modern widespread use of facial cosmetics.
A  place where you can take shelter and dedicate precious time to yourself, sipping whisky, listening to good music and savouring that antique tradition of being shaved.
At Gian Antonio Pisterzi side are: Pietro Carbone, he also has the same passion and began as a child, they met when he was in charge of Dolce and Gabbana's barber shop at Porta Venezia and Victoria Kambayeva, who left Gormel in Belarus, specialising between Minsk, Moscow, London and Italy, after an experience on cruise ships he arrived at Milan and at Gian Antonio Pisterzi.
Today Gian Antonio Pisterzi's dream has come true with the recent opening a saloon in the financial district of New York, at 55 Wall Street, inside the Cipriani Club Lounge.
This dream begins a new chapter in his life.
Barber Shop Pisterzi by appointment only.
Barber Shop Pisterzi New York
55 Wall Street
Cipriani Club  Lounge
Tel. +1(929) 855-7652


Barber Shop Pisterzi

3° Piano, Via Monte Napoleone, 17 - 20121 Milano (MI) - IT

Tel: +39 02.3672 8774

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