Bernardo Firenze

Tailor Made Shirts in Florence


If you are looking for tailor made shirts in Florence, high quality unique clothing with a decisive Italian flavour, then your point of reference is Bernardo Firenze, who from 1983, in the small boutique in Via Porta Rossa, makes tailor made shirts, also haute couture suits, jackets and trousers, of high quality craftsmanship.


All of the artisan tailoring makes their produce unmistakable, whether it be in silk, cotton, linen or cashmere, together with prestigious brands such as : Camicie Barba, Incotex trousers, Cantarelli jackets, Lardini jackets, Cucinelli, caban Montedoro, Pull Fedeli, Zanone, Montecore, Herno, D’Amico and many more.

Bernardo Firenze

Via Porta Rossa, 87/r - 50123 Firenze (FI) - IT

Tel: +39 055.283333

Fax: +39 055.283333

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