Boutique Theodora

Theodora, a young and trendy tailor shop in Positano


Theodora is a young trendy brand always inspired by the captivating tradition of Positano's fashion.

Their dresses are producted exclusively in the tailor shop in Positano.


The boutique, located a few steps from the centre, Piazza dei Mulini, is the perfect fusion between the knowledge and the skill of the designer Teodora, and the reinterpretations in modern style of her daughters Marilena and Anna Palumbo. The new fabrics are very attractive including the fine Macramé; colours are young and vibrant, whites elegant and sophisticated. There are so many new items ranging from the beach fashion wear, long and elegant dresses, one-piece suits and urban fashion.

Theodora aims to follow latest trends,reinterpreting them with highest artisan consolidated traditions, focusing on good quality 100% Made-in-Italy fabrics.


Boutique Theodora

Via Pasitea, 52 - 84017 Positano (SA) - IT

Tel: +39 089.811403 - +39 089.811568

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