Capri People

Eyewear made in Capri


The eyewear Capri People® made in Capri are the brainchild of Silvia De Gennaro, founder of Optical Capri, born in 1978 and of the line Capri People First Class line.

Attention to detail, custom style in design and high quality materials make the Capri People® brand a guarantee of quality for over thirty years, also due to the experience and expertise acquired by Silvia in the management of the optical store.


The sunglasses and eyewear frames “made in Capri”, made in the traditional artisan way, are become a very coveted accessories for many VIPs who choose the Blue island for their shopping.

In addition, the 60s design and the vintage style, combining tradition and retro, meet the taste of the new millennium dandies.

Capri People

Via Le Botteghe, 27 - 80073 Capri (NA) - IT

Tel: +39 081.8378664

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Monica Garver

I want to purchase Capri EY384 C1 Four Eyes frames. Please contact me with the price and shipping information. Thank you.


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