Francesco Ridolfi Orafo

Italian handmade jewellery


In the splendid city of Cattolica, famous above all for its beaches, it is possible to find a shop-laboratory you can discover the beauty of Italian handmade jewellery.


In this workshop, the master Francesco Ridolfi creates refined unique jewels using ancient craft methods and modern techniques combined with a creative flair.


Each piece he creates is the reworking of his thought, of abstract forms or images and geometries seen in nature.

Using various metals and stones, Francesco Ridolfi creates Italian handmade jewellery in different shapes and styles and can give shape to your ideas transforming them into unique creations.


Wearing a handmade jewel, as you can find in the Francesco Ridolfi laboratory, means being part of its history, of the intimate relationship with its work, as well as wearing a unique handcrafted masterpiece.

Francesco Ridolfi Orafo

P.zza Filippini, 3 - 47841 Cattolica (RN) - IT

Tel: +39 0541.962303

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