Gemelli Boutique

Gemelli Boutique Milan, one of the most appreciated shops in the city


Established in 1927, Gemelli Boutique Milan is recognized as one of the historical shops in the City. This upscale shop has contributed to the creation of an exclusive style.


The time-tested store of Corso Vercelli, over the years, it has stocked every major designer label and now offers its own collection of cashmere knitwear.


Using high quality yarns, Gemelli offers a wide selection for women and men: dresses, jackets, tailored trousers, and garments for every occasion, from the elegant wear to sport wear, beside the best fashion brands.


At Gemelli Boutique Milan, you will also find a wide range of ceremony clothing with possibility of tailor-made clothes and choice of fabric. It offers, a swell, luxury accessories such as: bow ties, trim, cummerbunds, silk scarves, ascot, cufflinks, braces, top hat, walking sticks and gloves.


For its tradition, history, quality, wide selection, the boutique is one of the most appreciated shops in Milan.


Gemelli Boutique

Corso Vercelli,16 - 20145 Milano (MI) - IT

Tel: +39 02.48000057

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