Giommi Fashion Store

GIOMMI SHOES & FASHION: The best fashion experience


Giommi Shoes & Fashion is a multi-brand chain of stores selling clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.


Giommi Shoes & Fashion stores offer the best fashion experience with a wide assortment of shoes and garments from the most prestigious international labels as well the best Made in Italy brands.

Exclusive and well-known names in global fashion are side by side with every day collections, offering customers a wide selection look ideas and latest trends for all wardrobe needs, from everyday to extraordinary style.


The Giommi Shoes & Fashion stores are located in the in the towns of Monte Porzio and Fano in the Province of Pesaro- Urbino in the Italian region Marche.


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Via Cesanense, 168
Monte Porzio - PU - Loc. Ponte Rio
Tel. 071 7950215

Store Bellocchi di FANO
Via Luigi Einaudi, 90
Fano - PU - Loc. Bellocchi
Tel. 0721 855033

Store Metaurilia di FANO
Via Strada Nazionale Adriatica Sud, 46
Fano - PU - Loc. Metaurilia
Tel. 0721 801619

Via Arco D'Augusto, 65
Fano - PU
Tel. 0721 802239

Giommi Fashion Store

Via Cesanense , 168 - 61040 Monte Porzio (PU) - IT

Tel: +39 071.7950215

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