Gold Emotion

The excitement of a jewel... Gold Emotion goldsmith in Trieste.

With its gallery of windows in the heart of the city, only 20 meters from Piazza Unità d'Italia, Gold Emotion, the goldsmith in Trieste, has been a reference point for over 30 years. 

Franco Blasi learned his trade from his father Ferdinando, famous Trieste engraver of the 1930's. He has transmitted to his son Billy and wife Edgarda the passion for jewels.


The goldsmith in Trieste offers its clients a vast choice of jewels in gold and jewels in platinum, diamonds and precious stones from brands such as Damiani, Annamaria Cammilli, Tatjana Fabergė, Fani gioielli, Gabriella Rivalta, World Diamond Group and much more.


You can satisfy your desire in the field of sealed blister packed diamonds and laser stamped diamonds from the most important International Gemological Institutes, in that Gold Emotion is qualified by the Borsa Diamanti d'Italia (Diamond Bourse in Italy).


Gold Emotion

Capo di Piazza Gianni Bartoli, 2 - 34124 Trieste (TS) - IT

Tel: +39 040.366328

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