Creativity, experience and innovation for an Italian Style brand


Simplicity and creativity. These words represent KALLA MILANO a dream brand for lovers of beautiful and well-made Italian style.


The founders with ten-year of experience in the fashion industry created KALLA MILANO a brand that stands out for its knowledge and creativity, but above all in the constant search for high quality.


Attention to detail, balance of shapes and colours, leathers and precious fabrics worked according to tradition, are the characteristics of this Made in Italy brand that, after having conquered the Italian market, is moving successfully towards the international one.

KALLA MILANO bags, accessories and clothing are able to satisfy all women who want to enhance their beauty and emphasize their personality through the unique and unmistakable Italian style.



FB @KallaMilano 

Instagram @kallamilano

B2B: www.italianmoda.com


SS 11 Padana Sup.16 - 20063 Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI) - IT

Tel: +39 02.92100745 - Mob. +39 339.1975633


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