Nuanced with effortless experimentation, the Krizia collection for Spring Summer 2018 regales in a sculptural attitude, swept up in bold brushstrokes of colour, texture, and dynamic silhouette. The softly graphic mood evokes a kimono ease spiked with the panache of Italian glamour. Jungle shades vibrate through rainforest greens and misty blues, orchid pink, citrus yellow, bright vermillion and spicy orange.

Generous shapes create a cocooning silhouette, as lampshade sleeves and wide trousers create long, sensual lines, jumpsuits, and belted coats. In their construction, heritage techniques of plissé organza are revolutionized as swathes of trompe l’oeil transparency, whilst cape-like poplin sleeves and scooped backs carve out asymmetric, flyaway draping. Elsewhere ‘non finito’ embellishments and deconstructed ribbon hems harbour a raw sense of the unfinished, just as a fuzz of multicolour sequins are hand sewn into armoured knitwear and tessellated ‘Y’ appliqués mimic the spiral effect of the house’s iconic pleats. 

Throughout, Japanese textiles elevate structure: double satin, and a giant cloque flower jacquard enter the 3rd dimension, and tailoring comes to life nuanced with modernist plastic embroidery. Like an exotic safari, beaded intarsia knits from the ‘Krizia Zoo’ traverse the animal kingdom: Elephants, horses, jaguars and toucans meet pelicans, eagles, rhinoceros and crocodiles – unexpected duos that pose in majestic tableaus across fine hand-painted knitwear, encrusted crepe dresses and A-line skirts. The result is sumptuous, and the clothes energetic: the Krizia effect for a new generation.


The Krizia collection designed by Antonio D’Anna under the creative direction of Zhu Chongyun is now available at the flagship store in via Della Spiga 23 in Milan.





Via della Spiga, 23 - 20121 Milano (MI) - IT

Tel: +39 02.45377030

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