Maison Paul

Glamor and wearability, the "Maison-Boutique” in the centre of Livigno


Maison Paul, is an inviting boutique in the centre of Livigno, full of atmosphere, it will truly make you feel at home “á la Maison”.

With a wide, range of beautiful dresses in a collection of flattering shapes, designs and colours at Maison Paul you will be able to find your perfect dress.


It offers a stunning and elegant women’s collection from an easy chic style with a touch of richness.

The boutique also boasts stylish, modern and glamour accessories for a total look made in Italy.

It offers an inspired luxury men's collection too, for a personal style, based on trend and attention to detail in a perfect combination of Italian tailoring tradition and innovation,
Maison Paul’s fabrics and materials are carefully chosen to ensure charm, maximum comfort, style and the perfect fit.

Maison Paul

Via Fontana, 106 - 23030 Livigno (SO) - IT

Tel: +39 0342.970983 - Mob. +39 338.1989582

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