Marisa Padovan Haute Couture

High-fashion beachwear


Creative, attentive to detail and above all faithful to the Made in Rome artisan tradition that conquered customers in every corner of the world, Marisa Padovan and Flavia Padovan, mother and daughter, offer “extraodinarie” high-fashion beachwear.


Marisa, a woman with explosive and contagious sympathy, has been designing and manufacturing for over 40 years the most beautiful beachwear in the world as well the most loved by the stars (even custom-made).


The designer selects and personally chooses the precious hand-embroidered fabrics, the laces and the silks with Swarovski applications. Swimsuits and sundresses to dress as a precious element that combined with the right accessory, such as sarongs, tops, tunics, and trousers, turn into fashionable clothes to be always at the top.

Marisa Padovan Haute Couture

Via Delle Carrozze, 81/82 - 00187 Roma (RM) - IT

Tel: +39 06.6793946

Fax: +39 06.6797928

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