Paola Quadretti

Paola Quadretti is born, lives and works in Florence in her atelier inside the historic Palazzo Frescobaldi. Following her passion for an artisanal and refined product, and loving the tradition of the” handmade”, Paola connects her philosophy of woman’s fashion with her background of the Florentine culture: the result is a unique product with a big stylistic identity. Paola’s creations are celebrated for their signature rich colours and sumptuous prints, as well as their sophisticated, feminine, and flattering shapes. Paola Quadretti’s creations make use of artisanal textiles, rare laces, opulent embroideries, and some secret techniques. Paola has built her loyal following not only in Italy, but also in the United States, where she is much appreciated.

Paola Quadretti

Via Santo Spirito 11 - Firenze (FI) - IT

Tel: +39 055.289057

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