Pelletteria Alligator

Visiting Alligator, a historical store, leading in the town since over 100 years, it's an absolute "must". Handmade handbags and small leather goods made of crocodile- and ostrich-skin, or plain leather from best brands, can be purchased at reasonable prices. The shop, small and elegant, is on the riverfront, a few minutes’ walk from the big hotels Palace, Therme, Mignon, Meranerhof and the Post Bridge (Ponte Della Posta), famous for its Art Nouveau decorations in gold leaf. High standards for quality and workmanship have allowed Aligator to be the pride of the Italian leather goods: their models are classics interpreted in a modern style to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated clientele. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, welcoming and encouraging the customers with courtesy and professionalism. The prices are very competitive because Alligator is not only a leather store but also a leather goods manufacturer.

Pelletteria Alligator

Passeggiata d’inverno, 1 - 39012 Merano (BZ) - IT

Tel: +39 0473 236753

Fax: +39 0473 206210

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