Pellicceria Amoroso

60 years of history in Vietri sul Mare


For almost 60 years in Vietri sul Mare, fur coats rhymes with Amoroso. It was the year 1960 when the artisan furrier Mario Amoroso created the Pellicceria Amoroso, one of the first artisan furrier’s shop of Salerno and province. He was a real creator of dreams and emotions, always looking for combinations of colours and trends. The historical fur coats shop has grown steadily over the years, thanks also to the young entrepreneur Antonio, who inherited the passion from his father Mario.


He took over the company in the late 80s and he paid particularly close attention to create excellent and stylish furs garments and accessories with innovated technologies and modern style but always respecting the ancient traditions.


The Pellicceria Amoroso has received several awards over the years, such as: the “Great Plaque Of Nations” (1979 and1986) the honorary award by the International Business Corporation the "Campania that works” in 1984" and eight times the "Salerno that works" award.

Pellicceria Amoroso

Via Mazzini, 39 - 84019 Vietri Sul Mare (SA) - IT

Tel: +39 089.9954725

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