Terrara Boutique

Terrara Boutique with the latest trends in female fashion including clothes, handbags, accessories and shoes with brands such as Liu Jo collection , Liu Jo jeans, Liu Jo accessories, Marella sport, Pinko, Alan Red, Vicolo and other smaller Made in Italy brands.


Walking into this boutique you will immediately feel wrapped in a sweet embrace, Terry and Chiara, the owners , will give you a warm welcome and above all will know how to choose the style which suits your personality with a study of colour and shape for every occasion (ceremony, business meeting, gala evening, free time).


Terrara Boutique wishes their clientele to be the centre of attention and feel special.


To find us: 300 meters from LOTTO stop on MM line Rossa/Lilla.

Terrara Boutique

Via Monte Bianco, 48 - 20149 Milano (MI) - IT

Tel: +39 02.462881 - Mob: +39 345.1734396



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