Valigeria Serra

Historic leather goods shop under the porticoes of Bologna


Walking under the porticoes of Bologna it is impossible not to be caught by the historicity that you breathe. Even the most inattentive visitor, only needs a glance, to appreciate the historical shops proudly still present between the large chain stores.


Valigeria Serra, is without any doubt, one of the most famous Bolognese shops that blended history with modernity. In 2016, it celebrated its sixtieth birthday without ever losing its historic spirit of sober elegance and constant attention to the customer.


The store offers a wide selection of best brands of trolleys, bags and travel accessories, such as Samsonite, Roncato, Delsey and Rimowa.

The high quality leather offered makes the store also an ideal place to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

In addition to the classical workbags and briefcases, such as The Bridge, or the elegant modern style of Piqued, you can choose from a wide collection of bags and wallets, such as Furlan, Coccinelle, Trussardi and many others.

Valigeria Serra

Via Mazzini, 148 - 40138 Bologna (BO) - IT

Tel: +39 051.345854 - +39 051.345348

Fax: +39 051.345198

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