Zagara Bottega Sicula

In the heart of Milan a sophisticated concept store Zagara gathers together excellent Sicilian produce.

The idea of the owner, Stefania Quagliata Vender, originally from Messina, was to create a corner of Sicily in the heart of the city, the products are strictly artisan and made by tradition methods.

The goods cover all categories, from food, with typical cakes, cheese, preserves, jams and fine wines from small producers, to household and personal items.

Ceramics from Caltagirone and from Camastra, tables in lava stone, which can be personalised, the characteristic needle tatting jewellery, hand painted pictures, lava stone and ceramics, Caltagirone pearls, scarves and stoles or patchwork caps made with vintage silk, all hand made by skilled artisans.

There are also products for the body, fragrances, soaps, eau di toilette and oils.

Zagara is a corner of Sicily in Milan.

Zagara Bottega Sicula

Via San Nicolao, 2 - 20123 Milano (MI) - IT

Tel: +39 335.6288782

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