Barbarulo 1894 Napoli

"The love and passion for working with precious materials, handed down as a legacy throughout time to future generations since 1894, has made the Barbarulo family name synonymous with traditional and authenticity in handcrafted jewellery."

The "Barbarulo1894 Napoli" company, whose actual core business is focused on the hand crafted production of cufflinks. In March 2012 it was totally renewed by the artistic talent of Cristano Barbarulo, the latest of the descendants of this family of jewellers, finding immediate success and appreciation not only from Italian clients but also internationally.

A success testified by the exclusive creations for actors of the calibre of Michael Caine, Geoffrey Rush and Toni Servillo; for the anniversary celebrations of prestigious historical companies such as the 100th anniversary of the fashion house E Marinella ties, the 180th anniversary of the Grand Hotel Excelsior in Sorrento and designs dedicated to Circolo Nazionale dell' Unione, to Circolo Italia and Yacht Club Capri.


To add to the collection of cufflinks they have recently added a new line of jewellery for women and accessories for men.

Barbarulo 1894 Napoli

Piazza Amedeo, 16/I - 80121 Napoli (NA) - IT

Tel: +39 081.403512

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