Bottega Bossa

Bottega Bossa, a special artisan craft shop 


In the heart of the historic centre of Salerno, there is a special artisan craft shop.

As you enter, the smell of the leather, the sound of the sewing machines or the rhythm of the hammer blows make you immediately understand to be in an artisan craft shop. However, if you stop and take your time, you realize to be in a magical place: smiles colouring faces of different languages that always understand each other, coffee shared while discussing a theory, handshakes, many stories and music, a continuous beautiful music, that spreads in the air or performed by passing musicians. Handmade leather items with a simple and unique design, made to accompany and enrich your life or to become a special gift for a special person.


Take back your time, enter smiling, come, and discover a very overtime shop.


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Bottega Bossa

Via Duomo, 14 - 84100 Salerno (SA) - IT

Tel: +39 089.238078

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