La Bottega del Rame

Copper pots and more… in Moena the ancient art of red gold


In a corner of one of the prettiest squares of Moena is a small store where the ancient art of red gold is kept.

The copper workshop, La Bottega del Rame, is an exposition of copper pots and pans, precious traditional souvenirs and home décor.


Vincenzo Tironi produces unique handmade pieces perpetuating a family tradition today in its fifth generation copper maker.


Entering the Copper Workshop in Moena means not only rediscovering the secret of ancient red gold art but also buying a hand-made piece, an article that will enrich your home.

Furthermore, copper, a primordial natural element used in kitchen tools, guarantees natural, healthy cooking. The uniform heat distribution also allows for energy savings.


Go to Moena to re-discover the secret of an ancient red gold art choosing the copper!

La Bottega del Rame

Piaz de Ramon,19 - 38035 Moena (TN) - IT

Tel: +39 0462.565006 - Mob. +39 338.5962530

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