Magamaison: design, furnshings and interior design in Cortina

If you want decorating ideas, to furnish your home or your office in an original way without neglecting quality, in Cortina Magamaison is your right choice.


Magamaison studio, is born from an idea and above all from the passion of Maria Gabriella Sorbara Sammartini, of Bolognese origin but from several years in Veneto where, after having opened an interior-decorating showroom in Folina ,Treviso province, she opened another one in piazzetta San Francesco in Cortina.


She is an expert designer and interior designer in the field of custom-made textile furnishing, as well in direction of restructuring projects. In both Cortina and Follina showrooms, a high-level staff, is able to provide a “turnkey” service following customers “step by step”.


Having a great consideration of manual skills and craftsmanship, Magamaison collaborates with several local artisans, realizing various accessories such as hand-printed fabrics, carded blankets, wooden artefacts, china, household linen, artwork, antiques, a line of natural cosmetics.


Showroom Magamaison Follina

Via del Cimitero, 30 - 31051 Follina (TV)
Tel/Fax: +39 0438.970800


Piazzetta San Francesco, 14 - 32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL) - IT

Tel: +39 0436.4699

Fax: +39 0436.4699

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