San Montano Resort & Spa

In the Gulf of Naples, sun, sea, sailing around the splendid coastline in search of hidden bays and coves, the rustic charm of the nature of the San Montano Bay, the emotion of admiring the sunrise looking at Vesuvio.

The piano melodies while sipping a cool "Lemontano" awaiting a fiery sunset to light up the Pontine Islands in the distance: Welcome to San Montano Resort & Spa!


A magical place where you can admire one of the most beautiful views of Ischia, a real ode to Mediterranean beauty on an island that has always been celebrated around the world.


Well being pure and simple, free to move between 6 swimming pools, to walk in the new lemon grove with the scents of the therapeutic aroma path, then to reward yourself with a mind and body relaxation in the first and only Spa with a sea view of Ischia: "the Ocean Blue Spa".


Good food awaits you with the scent of piazza at lunchtime at the swimming pool, the local traditional specialities in "La Veranda" restaurant, or a gourmet tasting menu at "Pomodorino Chic", all with sea views.


If you are looking for a unique place where service is celebrated as a true luxury, San Montano Resort & Spa is waiting to welcome you.


San Montano Resort & Spa

Via Nuova Montevico, 2 - 80076 Ischia (NA) - IT

Tel: +39 081.994033

Fax: +39 081.994033

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