The guide to the Romagna Riviera holiday

The guide to the Romagna Riviera holiday

The guide to the Romagna Riviera holiday involves the whole stretch of coast overlooking the Adriatic Sea, from the Lidi Ferraresi to Cattolica. Over 110 km of fine sand, sea and hospitality that during summer time attract millions of tourists, becoming the beating heart of Italian nightlife.

Famous for its good cuisine and welcoming culture, with 3700 hotelsequipped beaches and 15 theme parks, the Adriatic coast,offering thousand faces to live your hoiidays, is considered one of the most popular destinations for beach tourism.

Comoda e invitante porta d’accesso alle bellezze dell’Italia, la Riviera dell’Emilia Romagna, spogliata dei suoi cliché è infatti in grado di rivelare le sue molteplici anime e di conquistare chiunque sappia guardarla con occhi diversi, per questo la Regione si è aggiudicata il primo posto sul podio delle "Best in Europe 2018" di Lonely Planet.

Comfortable and inviting gateway to the beauties of Italy, the Riviera of Emilia Romagna, stripped of its clichés, is able to reveal its many souls and to conquer anyone who can look at it with different eyes,

For this reason, the Region took the first place on Lonely Planet's Best in Europe 2018 list. 

The guide to the Romagna Riviera holiday: Romagna Riviera’s tourist resorts

Without forgetting the beautiful beaches between Comacchio and Ravenna, among the most famous resorts on the Riviera Romagnola for holiday tourism, it is worth mentioning: Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica, Cesenatico, Cervia and Milano Marittima.

In particular, Rimini, with its Fellinian's charm, combines the beaches and the fun of the coast with history and the magic hinterland, characterized by breath-taking views, ancient Malatesta castles and medieval villages.

More glamour is Milano Marittima, visited every year by many VIPs, for its exclusive beaches, prestigious brand shops and trendy clubs.

Cattolica is a favourite for families, a quiet and child-friendly city, where activities, attractions and entertainment are suitable for all ages. Cesenatico and Cervia are beautiful, relaxing and full of proposals; the first with its harbour canal, designed by Leonardo da Vinci offers a marine atmosphere, while Cervia a romantic and green atmosphere.

The beaches in the Romagna Riviera

July 30, 1843, a date that marks the beginning of the history of the beaches in the Romagna Riviera and of the Italian and international seaside tourism. Many years have passed when the first bathing establishment the 'Privileged establishment of the Maritime Baths' was inaugurated in Rimini. 

This great success is not due only to its outstanding features as the fine golden sand, the sea and the shallow waters, but also to the lifeguards as well to the hotel owners, able to understand, and often to anticipate, the tourists’ wishes. Today on the Romagna Riviera from the Lidi Ferraresi to Cattolica, there are kilometres and kilometres of beaches increasingly equipped to meet the needs of 'active holidays' of their guests. In addition to the classic beach sports, wellness lovers can indeed practice real open-air gyms or relax in a spa with massage centres by the sea. For those who cannot live without their mobile phones or computers even on holiday and want to 'surf' over the web waves, more and more bathing establishments offer internet point, webcam and Wi-Fi. When night falls, the beaches of the Romagna Riviera turn into a dream; on the Pink Night occasion, over 110 km of coastline lit up in 'Pink' for the longest and most memorable night of the year, the Summer New Year's Eve. From dusk to dawn, the promenade and the waterfront come alive with fireworks, music and shows of all kinds. 

Stay in the Romagna Riviera

Where to stay in the Romagna Riviera? From family-run hotels to the most luxurious 5-star hotels, you will be spoiled for choice!

In the land of hospitality, where the guest is a friend and not a number, there are several opportunities for tourists looking for an hotel able to meet their needs.

Hotel, B&B and Residence offer stay to suit every type of travel and budget as well as and tailor-made services for a carefree holiday.


Food in the Romagna Riviera 

Food in the Romagna Riviera is ... a real tourist attraction!

Emilia Romagna is the only one in Europe to boast a basket of 44 P.D.O. products (D.O.P. in Italian) and P.G.I.(I.G.P. in Italian) and to be considered the perfect synthesis of the best Italian cuisine in the world.

The excellence of taste of Romagna Riviera is able to surprise the eyes and palates of food lover tourists from the Apennines to the coast.

Ancient land and sea recipes can be enjoyed in hotels as well as in the best restaurants from Ferrara to Cattolica.

Local products including extra virgin olive oil P.D.O.,(D.O.P. in Italian) the famous C.D.O.(D.O.C in Italian) wines, truffles, mushrooms, cheeses, such as, squacquerone, raveggiolo and the “Fossa” cheese, the rice of Ferrara plains, the salt of Cervia and many other delicacies can be purchased directly from producers on farms in the surrounded hills or in the food and wines shops of the seaside resorts.

Food in Romagna Riviera is also the Piadina (a flat bread), once a poor bread home made from the “azdora” (an old dialect word that means matriarch), today is a P.G.I. (IGP in Italian) street food symbol.

Shopping in the Romagna Riviera, a walk among luxury and vintage

Shopping in the Romagna Riviera offers many possibilities.

If you want to go shopping in the Romagna Riviera, you should know that Viale Ceccarini in Riccione and Viale Matteotti in Milano Marittima are the temple of Italian and international fashion. Rimini with its trendy boutiques in the historic centre, the artisan shops in the countryside, the evening open markets and the waterfront shops, offers a more varied experience.

For those who are looking for particular items or vintage garments, Via Dante is defined as "the bazaar of Cattolica", while the main area “to take by storm" in Cesenatico is from the Leonardo’s harbour dock until Viale Carducci.

One final shopping area that must be mentioned is San Marino that with its outlets is the real 'land of freedom' for fashion addicts who cannot resist the appeal of famous brands at low prices. 

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