Carnival in Sardinia: everything ready for the Tempiese Carnival 2019 from 28 February to 5 March

The Carnival in Sardinia 2019 is in Tempio Pausania.

More than Christmas celebrations, in Gallura (northern Sardinia), everyone is waiting for the Carnival.

The Carnival in Sardinia has its roots in ancient pagan rituals, linked to the masks of the Barbarbagian tradition and propitiatory rites, with strong symbolic values related to the transition from death to life, and to the agro-pastoral world. Purpose is to drive away bad luck, to celebrate the end of winter and the arrival of spring, as well to gain wealth and fertility of the land with abundant rain and harvest. If the best-known Sardinian masks are those of Barbagia, like the famous Mamuthones, the most popular and most imitated Carnival in Sardinia, even outside the island, is in Tempio Pausania.


The Carnival in Sardinia 2019: history of the Tempiese Carnival

The Tempiese Carnival is one of the most crowded in the region, which attracts over 100,000 visitors each year. It is also one of the oldest manifestations of this kind, whose first written records date back to 1800, and origins derive from the so-called "stazzo" civilization. Carnival was the period in which peasants and shepherds could integrate with the lords of the bourgeoisie and the aristocracy of the town.

The centuries-old history of the Tempiese Carnival is fascinating as well as the mask-symbol of the event that of King George, (Gjolgiu), around which all the characters rotate.

"Ghjogliu" in Gallura, derives from "Gheorgheo" which is one of the names of the planet Saturn, where the Greek root "geo-gheo" refers to the term "earth". According to scholars, the traditional parody of the trial and his death sentence, which ends even today with a pyre, symbolizes the public condemnation of the wrongdoing and defaults of the rulers, as well the fall of power and, at the same time, the purification from evil influences and renewal of nature.


Carnival in Sardinia: the six days of the Tempiese Carnival 2019

The ancient Carnival in Sardinia has maintained the same spirit of the past, strongly felt by Sardinian people and rooted in their soul, involving them, to the creation of masks and allegorical floats throughout the year.

The Tempiese Carnival 2019 is a six-day festival in which alternate parades of floats and masks, shows of majorettes, flag- twirlers and many fun cheerfulness moments.

The most important days of the Carrasciali timpiesu are the so-called “Giovedi grasso” on Thursday, the Sunday and the “Martedì grasso” on Tuesday.

“Giovedi Grasso” is when King Giorgio makes his grand entrance into the                                                                                                    city of Tempio Pausania. 

On Sunday is celebrated the wedding between King George and the the prosperous "Mannena" (from which the new King George will be born for the next carnival). Finally “Martedì Grasso” on Tuesday, where everything ends with a great fire, and the King burns at the stake together to the winter, heralding the arrival of Spring. 


Carnival in Sardinia: schedule of the Tempiese Carnival 2019

The Tempiese Carniva 2019, will be held in Tempio Pausania Thursday 28 February to Tuesday 5 March.

Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, there will be the traditional parades of allegorical floats and masked themed groups that will parade along the famous path of the historic centre. In addition, the youngest with their teachers will participate to this funny party, organizing the Carnival Monday Parade.

 What can we say; it’s Carnival time in Sardinia, but above all "Carrasciali Timpiesu" 2019!

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