Coronavirus in Italy: the country is safe and doesn't stop


Dear reader and web-follower from all over the world,
the entire editorial staff of OI Magazine is shocked by what is happening in Italy after the national and international press reports on Coronavirus in Italy.

Many of our Italian hospitality partners are receiving many booking cancellations for the Easter holidays, (it’s a shame because a lot of snow is falling down in our beautiful Alps and Apennines), and also for the next summer holidays!

Unbelievable what fear induced by confusing news in the media can involve people in cancelling their holiday plans for Coronavirus in Italy!


Misinformation and disinformation. 

First of all, let's start from the fact that Coronavirus in Italy is a flu, not a plague!
80% of infected persons all over the world experienced mild disease, about 14% had a serious illness and 5% were critically ill. This illness severity is associated with age (more than 60 years old) but above all, to previous illnesses (World Health Organization).

Second: we are well!
We live as usual even if the presence of Coronavirus in Italy; we work, we have aperitivo we go shopping, nothing is changed. Italy is safe.

Milan is not controlled by military police, there is not the Martial law. What our Health Authorities have made is to reduce the risk of contamination, this is why are been suspended many activities involving large communities, like schools, gyms, movies, theatres, concerts. The reason is that Italian health authorities, one of the best in the world, even if is free for everyone, is “fussy” and, for an excess of zeal, carried out the test over almost 9000 people out of 60 million discovering more or less 300 positive cases. If we compare Italy with  USA for example, the USA made only 400 tests discovering 20 cases, it means the incidence in Italy is 3%, in the USA is 5%.

This influence is all around for a long time, all over the world, but before the media didn't care so much. People got sick and healed and the elderly, especially those who were already sick unfortunately could not fight this flu now as then.

So come on don’t hesitate to confirm your holidays in Italy, spring and summer are waiting for you, as well as culture, art, sport, shopping, food, and wine!

The country is safe and does not stop!